Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WINK. Lashes

I am excited to announce that I am doing Eyelash Extensions! It has been so fun and it has kept me very busy! I have set up a room in my house for clients to receive extensions at ½ the price. You will receive Semi-permanent synthetic eyelashes that are attached - one by one - to your natural lashes and last up to 90 days! If you want to keep them up (which I am sure you will) then it requires that you come in for a ‘fill’ every 4 weeks!

With summer just around the corner I am running a Summer Special for friends and family (including my blogging friends)! If you refer one friend you will receive your FULL SET at 50% off, refer TWO friends and receive a FULL SET for FREE!!

Here are just a few reasons why extensions are so wonderful:
· Look Natural with amazing long eyelashes!
· Saves you time and hassle every morning!
· To make your lashes look amazing without using ANY mascara!
· Spend the summer in the sun? Look beautiful without any makeup on at all!

*Leave a message or send an email if you are interested!