Monday, August 24, 2009

new beginnings. roma june.

What an amazing journey we have been on and continue to ride every day. Adoption is nothing short of a miracle and very close to my heart. I am grateful everyday that I was lucky enough to have adoption part of my life. I feel extremely blessed!

Our little bundle of joy was born on August 12th at 9:11PM. We were lucky enough to be in the room for the delivery and witness pure Love. We were blessed with the worlds best Birth Mom that I love very much. What a special bond that we share…I know that our paths were meant to join together. The love and strength that we witnessed from her is beyond any words that I could ever use to describe it. As we witnessed our little girls first breath into this world I couldn’t help but feel a LOT of pain for our Birth mom. I immediately loved this little girl and also felt a lot of emotion for our birth mom. What a selfless act…and I am grateful that I was able to witness such an event. Our birth mom has so much love for her little one…so much that she wanted the very best for her. Some how we were lucky enough to fall into her plan.

We spent two amazing nights in the hospital with our little girl in our room. She was an angel from the beginning. Barely cried and latched onto the bottle like a pro. We loved her unconditionally instantly. I never knew that with so much love I could feel so much pain at the same time. Our birth mom was just a few rooms down from us and I couldn’t help but think of her all day and night. I wanted to tell her so many things…I wanted her to spend some time with her little girl that she nurtured for 9 months…I wanted to be with her forever. The day came for placement and there was still so much I wanted to talk to her about. The words didn’t come easily but I knew that time with Roma was what she needed. I walked OUR baby to her room and left them alone for some very special time. My heart continued to ache and I wasn’t sure how I was going to stay strong for placement. The time came and she was so strong..stronger than anybody had ever witnessed. I have to believe that angels were surrounding all of us giving us the strength we needed. That was they way it was supposed to be and there was no denying it. We watched as our birth mom left the hospital and we were both in tears. The LOVE that was shown that moment was something, I believe, most people will never witness or truly understand. I am grateful. I love them BOTH unconditionally.