Sunday, September 27, 2009

6 weeks.

i love this little girl so much. she is getting so big and changing every day. i love that she is starting to smile and notice things around her. she is such a joy in our lives and fills our hearts full of LOVE. at 6 weeks... she is sleeping through the night (since day 1). smiling. making sweet noises. eating like crazy. loves car and stroller rides. and LOVES her mama and dada!
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

heaven sent.

dear roma.

you are a perfect angel and miracle to us. we are so lucky to have your sweet spirit in our lives. every day we sit and stare at you for hours and feel so blessed to have you. it is amazing and nothing short of a miracle that you left your Heavenly Fathers presence trusting that you would find your way to our home. we prayed for you, we thought about you often, we love you so much, we think you are perfect in every way. we are lucky to call you our daughter.

love mom and dad.

dear M.

we could never thank you enough for the selfless act of placing your baby girl in our arms. we adore her and we always love her unconditionally. the strength and love that you showed is something we are grateful to have witnessed. your life will be greatly blessed forever. we feel such a strong bond with you and know that this was planned out before we came to earth. when Roma is old enough to understand we will tell her all about you and tell her how much you love her. we are honored for her to be named after you.

Two women cry into the night,their eyes are filled with tears.
Oh God why is this happening? I need to feel you near.

One woman sits alone in the darkness, Decisions she must make.
She wants to do what's best for the child, It's life she cannot take.

The other woman clings to her mate
And she doesn't understand why they can't have a child of their
own as so many others can.

These women come from different worlds.
Their lives are miles apart.
But God would deliver the pain they felt and heal their broken hearts.

And then one precious morningtheir lives became intertwined.
Both women's prayers were answered as they felt God's plan unwind.

One woman touched her newborn's cheek
and whispered to the babe,
"Because I love you little one, sacrifices I've made."

With the strength she felt from heaven,
to the other woman she gavethe miracle of a baby
for her to love and raise.

The other woman looked down
at her precious baby's eyes
and thanked God for the woman
who had helped fulfill her life.

Two women pray into the night
and thank the Lord above
for the opportunity he's given them both
to feel a Mother's love.

welcome home little romy.

{photography by: jen herem}