Thursday, October 13, 2011

pure love.

Last night at 6:30pm our family received a very special gift, a gift so precious that we will love and cherish forever…a beautiful 4-month-old baby boy.  Just a short few weeks ago my life was changed when I received an email from a very special girl, his mom. She wanted the world for her son, and felt she could not give him everything...Until last night when she gave him a mother, a father, and a big sister. She blessed my life in more ways that one last night. I have never witnessed such love and selflessness. My heart is FULL; it is aching for a sweet mother who left last night without her baby boy in her arms, all because of LOVE. I will never comprehend the strength and courage that I witnessed last night but feel extremely blessed to have witnessed such a miracle. The tears continue to flow with a culmination of emotions but mostly filled with unconditional love for our new baby boy and our sweet birth mom.

To our sweet Juli…we love you more than words can express. I know your heart is aching right now and we are praying for you and will continue to pray for you to have comfort and peace. I have been up all night thinking about you and the amazing person that you are. Thank you for blessing our lives with such an amazing gift that we will love forever. Last night was very emotional for all of us and we feel blessed to have witnessed such pure love.  Your sweet baby boy will know you and love you forever. Just remember last night wasn’t goodbye it was just the beginning of a new chapter for all of us and you are still apart of his story. Thank you for choosing us to be your son’s parents, we will forever be grateful.

To our sweet son…you are an answer to our prayers. We have spent our lives preparing to be your parents and promise to love and take care of you the very best we can. You are such a special little boy, so special that you were sent by your Heavenly Father to bless two mommies. Your little spirit is so strong. Your birth mom loves you and was the best mommy she could be. She wrote you a book that you will cherish forever. We love you SO much and feel complete now that you are in our family... xoxo