Thursday, October 13, 2011

pure love.

Last night at 6:30pm our family received a very special gift, a gift so precious that we will love and cherish forever…a beautiful 4-month-old baby boy.  Just a short few weeks ago my life was changed when I received an email from a very special girl, his mom. She wanted the world for her son, and felt she could not give him everything...Until last night when she gave him a mother, a father, and a big sister. She blessed my life in more ways that one last night. I have never witnessed such love and selflessness. My heart is FULL; it is aching for a sweet mother who left last night without her baby boy in her arms, all because of LOVE. I will never comprehend the strength and courage that I witnessed last night but feel extremely blessed to have witnessed such a miracle. The tears continue to flow with a culmination of emotions but mostly filled with unconditional love for our new baby boy and our sweet birth mom.

To our sweet Juli…we love you more than words can express. I know your heart is aching right now and we are praying for you and will continue to pray for you to have comfort and peace. I have been up all night thinking about you and the amazing person that you are. Thank you for blessing our lives with such an amazing gift that we will love forever. Last night was very emotional for all of us and we feel blessed to have witnessed such pure love.  Your sweet baby boy will know you and love you forever. Just remember last night wasn’t goodbye it was just the beginning of a new chapter for all of us and you are still apart of his story. Thank you for choosing us to be your son’s parents, we will forever be grateful.

To our sweet son…you are an answer to our prayers. We have spent our lives preparing to be your parents and promise to love and take care of you the very best we can. You are such a special little boy, so special that you were sent by your Heavenly Father to bless two mommies. Your little spirit is so strong. Your birth mom loves you and was the best mommy she could be. She wrote you a book that you will cherish forever. We love you SO much and feel complete now that you are in our family... xoxo 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Roma's safari.

When trying to think of a theme to go with for her 2nd birthday, I knew it had to be something with animals. She loves all animals so I finally decided on a Safari theme. Who doesn’t love a Safari Party! Anybody that knows me knows that I am a little obsessed when planning all the details…let’s just say I started months in advanced, but loved every minute of it.  With lots of creative friends to help the party planning was a success!  

I wanted to have something that greeted the guests as they arrived at the party. So I put Kiley and Addison to work.  They greeted the little ‘explorers’ with binoculars and a personalized sticker. The kids loved it...and so did Kiley!

Next was the food table. I wanted something 'safari-ish' for the table cloths..because after all it was a Safari Party, right! I called my super talented friend Sarah and described my idea, we met at the fabric store and hours later she created exactly what I had in mind! Don't you love it?

The food was catered by Plates and Palates & it was delicious. We had mini phyllo pastry cups filled with goat cheese, caramelized apple & onions and also Chicken with balsamic, sun-dried tomato, capers & basil. They were amazing! Of course we had their wonderful salads and rolls to go with it. For the little ones we had mac&cheese, fruit kabobs & bamboo cones filled with chips!

It's not a birthday party without LOTS of sugar! I am pretty sure Roma ate more sugar that night then she has in her entire life..who cares though it was her birthday!

I loved the idea of using lots of Burlap to create a Safari feel to the party! I spent hours collecting mason jars for drinking and wrapped each of them with burlap and twine. Using paper straws is a must...look how cute they are!
I didn't think it would be smart to have the wee ones walking around with glass jars so I wrapped juice boxes with animal print paper and they were thrilled about it.

Sugar cookie party favors for Roma's little friends. These adorable safari animals were my favorite part of the party! They were amazing and super delicious. 
(vendor information below)

These cupcakes were amazing...banana cream pie, rootbeer float, and cookies and cream! Not one cupcake was leftover. My sister made her delicious homemade oreo cookies!

This might be my favorite cupcake holder EVER! It's perfect for the minis...

 Mini fruit pies & doughnuts from a local bakery. What kid doesn't love a doughnut?

We hired an amazing face painter that was recommended by a friend! Wow, she is incredible.  It took her under a minute to create a perfect 'safari' animal. She is a MUST if you have lots of kids to entertain.

I went back and forth on the idea of having some sort of animal entertainer for the kids! Afterall, Roma loves monkeys & gorillas so why not have them at her party! I knew that the reptile shows were NOT an option..I didn't want to frighten all the parents! ha. After searching many traveling animal shows I came across a bird show. This was & pure entertainment for the kids and adults! 

Our talented face painter is also an equally talented balloon artist. You have never seen anything like it! She created whatever the kids wanted! She will be coming to all of our party's!

 Did I mention I love BURLAP! I made a 'Roma's Safari' banner out of burlap and table toppers for each table. 

Mason jars with tea lights hanging in the trees.

Wooden cut-outs of various animals for the little explorers to find. We had a couple giraffes, baboon, elephant, monkey, antelope.

Mommy and her perfect little butterfly! I can't believe MY little girl is 2 years old! She is such a joy to me and her daddy & everybody else that knows her. I can't imagine life without my little junebug. 
I love you baby doll!

I hope you enjoyed 'Roma's Safari' as much as we did!

Vendor Credits:
Bitty Bakes cupcakes:
Jen Herem Photography and Invitations:
Custom Stickers:
Wooden Cutlery:

**Special thanks to Roma's Grandma for hosting her safari**

Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's been awhile since I have updated our family blog.  So I will start off with an update on how we are doing. working hard and as a result Daddy is gone a lot lately.  But we still find time to see him during lunch and in-between important meetings.  Phil is enjoying the summer playing golf and going to LOTS of movies with his brother! If you know me I only watch chick flicks so I am more than happy to give him a kiss and send him out the door to watch Transformers!  Phil is still serving as the Elders Quorum President in our ward and is loving getting to know the families and serving them! We are proud of him for providing and working hard for our family.  

Me...I am staying busy looking after a very busy almost 2 year old! I love every minute of it!  Roma and I have so much fun and stay very busy with this beautiful weather.  I am currently training for the Portland, Oregon marathon with my mom in October.  I am up to about 8 miles and I am tired...only 18 miles more to go! I am still doing Eyelash extensions out of my house and I have got it to where I am only doing appointments one day a week! I love it because it gives me more time to just focus on our sweet little Roma. We are hoping to add to our little family through another adoption and couldn't be more thrilled!  I am still teaching Relief Society and actually really enjoying it.  I have learned so much and my testimony is strengthened by the wonderful Women in my ward!

Roma June...I am the cutest little 2 year old that my parents have ever laid eyes on.  Although I am busy and into everything, I am just learning to be like my momma one day!  I have become familiar with the phrase 'time-out' and I actually really enjoy it...when I hear momma say those two words I just walk myself over to the designated area and relax, but shh don't tell mommy!  I love to EAT and I love snow cones, I just wish my mom would give me my own so I could eat it all by myself.  I am in swimming lessons and learning how to float and kick and hold my breath under water.  I really don't enjoy when my mom passes me off to some strange lady so I cry for 15 minutes so she knows.  But I am really learning a lot so maybe mommy will keep taking me :)  I love the zoo! I love lagoon! But I love dance class the MOST.  I can't wait to have a little brother or sister to play with.  Love, Roma!

Here are some pictures from our latest session with Jen Herem Photography.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Wow..TWO posts in one day!!!!
To say Roma has a bit of a shoe obsession would be a HUGE understatement! I am not sure what brought on this obsession but it is real and it is getting worse!  Should I be worried that one of her first words was 'shoe', should I be worried that she wakes up in the morning and from naps and points to her closet and says 'shoe', should I be worried that every store we go into she asks for 'shoes', should I be worried that when my clients come for lashes and remove their shoes Roma quickly jumps inside and takes off with their 'shoe', should I be worried that she can walk quite gracefully in my high heels, should I be worried if she gets mad if she can't find the match to one of the shoes she wants to wear! 

The latest obsession is her rain boots...she usually jumps right in them when she gets up in the morning and is determined to do it by herself! Thankfully she lets me take them off for nap time!  Oh Roma you make us laugh with your cutest obsession with shoes.

Now see for yourself.......
{sad part is I have only been able to document 1/8 of her latest shoe ventures}

{poor quality iphone pics}

If she can't find shoes these will also Work! ha!

{such a funny pic...she is standing inside two DOG BOWLS}

{usually stands inside two bowls and walks around the house}

Is it possible her obsession was created by ME? 
{hmm...I did put shoes on her when she was just a wee little every day!}

Nah...Just a girl that loves her Shoes!

St. George Weekend.

A couple of weeks ago we headed to 'not so sunny' St. George for the Parade of Homes and some fun with our little family! Even the weather was the pits we had a great time being together and enjoying some very much needed relaxation.  Our little Roma is getting so big and is such a littler performer...she entertains us ALL DAY LONG...and we LOVE every single minute of it.  

We Stayed at the Inn at Entrada and WOW this place is gorgeous! Not only was the place amazing but it is right in the red rock canyon and every view is a sight to see!  Roma especially loved sitting by the fire watching movies, taking 'bubbles' in a HUGE jetted tub (however, the was not impressed by the jets AT ALL).

This is Roma's new 'surprise face'.  All I have to say is 'Roma let me see your surprise face' and she pulls this oh so funny expression.  Did I mention I am obsessed with this little face!

Daddy and Roma swimming!  We didn't bring any gear to swim but we weren't about to miss out on this amazing pool and a trip to Target cleared that up!

This is the 'Roma let me see your smiles' expression!!

Breakfast at 25th and Main!

Can't wait to head back to 'Sunny St. George' and enjoy some more relaxation!