Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the birthday party.


My sweet husband had a birthday on the 28th of June! I wanted to plan something FUN with all of our family & friends to celebrate his big day. Since he is still a ‘young’ adult and hasn’t hit that milestone birthday of ‘thirty’ I decided to plan a CARNIVAL party. The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful night.

{we had guests directed to the backyard for the party}

the entertainment.

What would a carnival be without a clown to entertain the little ones?! We seriously had about 25 kids to entertain so the adults could enjoy some ‘adult’ time! NEWSY did a fabulous job making balloons, playing games, and doing magic tricks!



the food.

Of course the food had to be themed around an old-fashioned carnival. Sorry for the three day sugar high!







the guests.

We have such amazing friends and are lucky to know so many special people. Thank you to everybody for coming…. You better believe we will be making this an annual event…my wheels are already turning with ideas for next year! STAY TUNED!






Sarah said...

Yep, it was awesome! I think Audrey ate 5 cupcakes! You are amazing, I hope we get an invite next year. ;)

Darbee said...

Wow! What a fun party! Wish we could've been there! I need you to start planning my kids birthdays for me. I'm not great at those kinds of things. I'll pay you...

I miss you and want to see you. Next week for sure! Love you lots... and Happy Birthday Phil!

Senessa said...

What a FUN birthday party idea!!! It looked super cute, why to go Whit :)

Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

How fun. We are also doing an end of summer carnival on Aug 28th for Erics office. I have had fun planning it to. Didnt it remind you of fair's as a kid? Those make for the best parties. Looks like it was a hit.

Nicole and Scott said...

The most elaborate party ever!!!!

Dan and Tara said...

So fun! I am glad it was a success!

Zach and Erika said...

3 day sugar high? No doubt! Thanks for the fun time, we all loved it! Happy Birthday Phil!!

Sarah said...

What an awesome party! Nice job, Whitney. I sure wish we could have been there. happy belated birthday Phil!!

becca said...

Your parties are always breathtaking! Everything looks so amazing! I want to eat all of the food, yummy! What were the sucker looking things? Um, do you know what I am talking about. I don't know how else to describe them, LOL! What a great party. I know we don't know Phil, but invite us next year. :)

Greg and Niki said...

OH MY GOSH! You are awesome! I might need to hire you to plan my next party! :)

J and E said...

I think you need to plan a party for me next year... That looked so fun!

Kasey, Nicole, Lexie, and Kenzie said...

WOW what a party! How cute of you to do that for your husband! You are a good woman!

The Skinners said...

Wow that is an awesome party! Very creative and fun!

e said...

I find you intimidating. In a good way. I meant to comment before now, but this is AMAZING!

The Johnson Crew said...

Whitney...Wow! So I am wanting to do a carnival theme for my twins brithday this year. Give me some of your ideas.
So cute!!

Darrik, Kami & Brock said...

What a fun birthday party! I'm so jealous. And your pictures are so cute! You do a very good job with the camera!

Annie said...

WOW...what an amazing party. I love the carni theme. What are the cream puff hot dogs made out of? It's been a while...hope you're doing well!

Jen Herem said...

cute party! im hosting a carnival themed baby shower next month!!!