Wednesday, January 6, 2010

november 2009.

I am so behind with blogging and lots of firsts have been happening for us.  Roma is getting so big and loves to hang out in the BUMBO!  We just adore her and cherish every single second we are with her!  She is changing so fast and although it is so fun to see her do and learn new things we want it to last much here is a preview of our november!

Roma has always loved tummy time...but this was the first time she popped her head up for the camera! I thought it was the cutest thing ever!  

We spent Thanksgiving with my family this year.  It was wonderful to have all of {or most of} my aunts and uncles and cousin in town from Oregon and California!  We were always doing something fun and had a FABULOUS dinner at my moms...thanks mom!


Cooksey said...

Cute pictures! And Roma is looking at the camera in almost all of them. How did you do that?!

e said...

Very cute. I can't wait to see her in some snow gear. Babies in snow gear are always cute. And I'm picturing Roma's cuteness right now!

Darbee said...

Oh My Gosh! Roma is getting so big! You look gorgeous, as always... and I miss you, BAD! Hope you're doing well. xoxo