Thursday, March 10, 2011


Wow..TWO posts in one day!!!!
To say Roma has a bit of a shoe obsession would be a HUGE understatement! I am not sure what brought on this obsession but it is real and it is getting worse!  Should I be worried that one of her first words was 'shoe', should I be worried that she wakes up in the morning and from naps and points to her closet and says 'shoe', should I be worried that every store we go into she asks for 'shoes', should I be worried that when my clients come for lashes and remove their shoes Roma quickly jumps inside and takes off with their 'shoe', should I be worried that she can walk quite gracefully in my high heels, should I be worried if she gets mad if she can't find the match to one of the shoes she wants to wear! 

The latest obsession is her rain boots...she usually jumps right in them when she gets up in the morning and is determined to do it by herself! Thankfully she lets me take them off for nap time!  Oh Roma you make us laugh with your cutest obsession with shoes.

Now see for yourself.......
{sad part is I have only been able to document 1/8 of her latest shoe ventures}

{poor quality iphone pics}

If she can't find shoes these will also Work! ha!

{such a funny pic...she is standing inside two DOG BOWLS}

{usually stands inside two bowls and walks around the house}

Is it possible her obsession was created by ME? 
{hmm...I did put shoes on her when she was just a wee little every day!}

Nah...Just a girl that loves her Shoes!

St. George Weekend.

A couple of weeks ago we headed to 'not so sunny' St. George for the Parade of Homes and some fun with our little family! Even the weather was the pits we had a great time being together and enjoying some very much needed relaxation.  Our little Roma is getting so big and is such a littler performer...she entertains us ALL DAY LONG...and we LOVE every single minute of it.  

We Stayed at the Inn at Entrada and WOW this place is gorgeous! Not only was the place amazing but it is right in the red rock canyon and every view is a sight to see!  Roma especially loved sitting by the fire watching movies, taking 'bubbles' in a HUGE jetted tub (however, the was not impressed by the jets AT ALL).

This is Roma's new 'surprise face'.  All I have to say is 'Roma let me see your surprise face' and she pulls this oh so funny expression.  Did I mention I am obsessed with this little face!

Daddy and Roma swimming!  We didn't bring any gear to swim but we weren't about to miss out on this amazing pool and a trip to Target cleared that up!

This is the 'Roma let me see your smiles' expression!!

Breakfast at 25th and Main!

Can't wait to head back to 'Sunny St. George' and enjoy some more relaxation!