Thursday, January 28, 2010

dear kiley.

I just have to say that I have he most adorable, sweet, innocent, lovable, honest, kind, beautiful, best friend and niece in the entire world!  Kiley is my best friend and just adores 'baby Roma'.  When Kiley was a baby I would beg my sister to let me have her over for girl dates.  We would go shopping and get pedicures...both of which Kiley would choose!  She is so girly and I love it.  Kiley has the biggest heart of any 7 year old I have been around.  She naturally cares about other people and kids she is around.  Kiley is so good with Roma and already thinks she is old enough to babysit!!  I can't wait until Kiley is older and can travel with us and take care of her sweet cousin!

Kiley is our natural little poser.  She loves the camera...can't you tell!  What a beauty!

How can you not LOVE this girl?!

Kiley, thank you for the being my best friend and for loving Roma.


Ashley said...

Roma is so beautiful Whit! I remember coming to visit you in Utah and you had just had Kiley over. That's so fun that you guys are so close!

Mike and Kira said...

I LOVE Kiley! She is so much fun to teach. She is always so well behaved in class and is always working so hard to be a better dancer. Her smile just brightens my day!