Friday, January 29, 2010

sweet adi.

{sweet: AKA...attitude}

My sweet little Adi is the cutest little thing.  She is the baby of her family with so much personality.  She also LOVES her cousin Roma and gives lots of hugs and kisses.  Sometimes a little too much!  Adi is so used to being the princess and 'baby' in the family she has shown a little jealousy with Roma but is still SO sweet to her!  I took Addison shopping with me yesterday and she wanted EVERYTHING..well mostly just sparkly shoes and dresses.  She was happy to walk away with this...

Yesterday I had Adi over for a play date but I think secretly she only wanted to come over because I have binkis floating around my house! Adi is almost 4 and hasn't had a binki since she was 2 but she is still obsessed with holding things and just getting what she wants.  I am not sure if she really wanted a binki or if it was just the quest of getting it!  Well, come to find out she really LOVES that binki.  Let's just say her mom and dad weren't too happy with aunt whitney!

We took her home last night and she fell asleep with the binki in her mouth!  It was priceless!  Hmm, I wonder if she still has that binki!!

I love these girls more than they will ever know!


Sarah said...

Lovin all the updates, Whitney! All the girls are just precious!

Darbee said...

You are such a cute Aunt and Mom! I LOVE the pictures! Can't believe how big Roma is getting... she is beautiful! I miss you!

The Cox's said...

I found your blog on Brooke Stone's. This is Hayley. Remember I used to work in the same office building as you? (For Beneficial) Anyway--you are such a cute mommy. I have a little 7 month old. It's the greatest.