Friday, September 2, 2011

Roma's safari.

When trying to think of a theme to go with for her 2nd birthday, I knew it had to be something with animals. She loves all animals so I finally decided on a Safari theme. Who doesn’t love a Safari Party! Anybody that knows me knows that I am a little obsessed when planning all the details…let’s just say I started months in advanced, but loved every minute of it.  With lots of creative friends to help the party planning was a success!  

I wanted to have something that greeted the guests as they arrived at the party. So I put Kiley and Addison to work.  They greeted the little ‘explorers’ with binoculars and a personalized sticker. The kids loved it...and so did Kiley!

Next was the food table. I wanted something 'safari-ish' for the table cloths..because after all it was a Safari Party, right! I called my super talented friend Sarah and described my idea, we met at the fabric store and hours later she created exactly what I had in mind! Don't you love it?

The food was catered by Plates and Palates & it was delicious. We had mini phyllo pastry cups filled with goat cheese, caramelized apple & onions and also Chicken with balsamic, sun-dried tomato, capers & basil. They were amazing! Of course we had their wonderful salads and rolls to go with it. For the little ones we had mac&cheese, fruit kabobs & bamboo cones filled with chips!

It's not a birthday party without LOTS of sugar! I am pretty sure Roma ate more sugar that night then she has in her entire life..who cares though it was her birthday!

I loved the idea of using lots of Burlap to create a Safari feel to the party! I spent hours collecting mason jars for drinking and wrapped each of them with burlap and twine. Using paper straws is a must...look how cute they are!
I didn't think it would be smart to have the wee ones walking around with glass jars so I wrapped juice boxes with animal print paper and they were thrilled about it.

Sugar cookie party favors for Roma's little friends. These adorable safari animals were my favorite part of the party! They were amazing and super delicious. 
(vendor information below)

These cupcakes were amazing...banana cream pie, rootbeer float, and cookies and cream! Not one cupcake was leftover. My sister made her delicious homemade oreo cookies!

This might be my favorite cupcake holder EVER! It's perfect for the minis...

 Mini fruit pies & doughnuts from a local bakery. What kid doesn't love a doughnut?

We hired an amazing face painter that was recommended by a friend! Wow, she is incredible.  It took her under a minute to create a perfect 'safari' animal. She is a MUST if you have lots of kids to entertain.

I went back and forth on the idea of having some sort of animal entertainer for the kids! Afterall, Roma loves monkeys & gorillas so why not have them at her party! I knew that the reptile shows were NOT an option..I didn't want to frighten all the parents! ha. After searching many traveling animal shows I came across a bird show. This was & pure entertainment for the kids and adults! 

Our talented face painter is also an equally talented balloon artist. You have never seen anything like it! She created whatever the kids wanted! She will be coming to all of our party's!

 Did I mention I love BURLAP! I made a 'Roma's Safari' banner out of burlap and table toppers for each table. 

Mason jars with tea lights hanging in the trees.

Wooden cut-outs of various animals for the little explorers to find. We had a couple giraffes, baboon, elephant, monkey, antelope.

Mommy and her perfect little butterfly! I can't believe MY little girl is 2 years old! She is such a joy to me and her daddy & everybody else that knows her. I can't imagine life without my little junebug. 
I love you baby doll!

I hope you enjoyed 'Roma's Safari' as much as we did!

Vendor Credits:
Bitty Bakes cupcakes:
Jen Herem Photography and Invitations:
Custom Stickers:
Wooden Cutlery:

**Special thanks to Roma's Grandma for hosting her safari**


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness that was the most amazing party I've ever been to! You are so talented. I can't wait to see your next one! Maybe Greyson's birthday/blessing party will be a safari--I'll be calling you!

Nicole *Ü* said...

Holy cow girl, you are AMAZING!!!!

Chelsea said...

What an amazing party Whit! I LOVE that cupcake ADORABLE!! You did a great job! You are just all around AMAZING! XOXOXO

Mandy said...

can you imagine what her 16 year party will be like? Start saving now!!! On the other hand, it is absolutely beautiful. Amazing job.

Darrik, Kami & Brock said...

HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!! Can I just say AMAZING!!! You are amazing Whit. This party is truly amazing. Really, I have no other words for it. Down to every last detail. The entertainment, the party favors, the food, the desserts, the cake, and don't even get me started on the decorations!!! WOW!!! Can I hire you, after I save up for a few years. You really are such a great party planner. Good job Whit! So stinking cute.

Bruce and Linda family said...

I am inspired by you and think you are the worlds greatest mom. YOu cherish every moments with her and I love that.

Miriam and Jordan Brown said...

sorry I posted that last comment from the wrong blog Mir

AaReAn said...
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AaReAn said...

Oh my...what a great many great ideas! My baby girls bday is coming up so thank you for the inpiration! I stumbled upon your blog and thought I would say hi!

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